Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do baby's gums still hurt after teeth have broken through?

8 month old teething baby.

Do baby%26#039;s gums still hurt after teeth have broken through?
When my wisdom teeth came in (broke through the skin) they stopped hurting completely. I dont know the answer to this question as, thankfully, I don%26#039;t remember teething as an infant. :) Judging by how my two boys reacted once their teeth broke through, I%26#039;d guess it either stops hurting completely, or at least MOST of the pain goes away. Once their teeth broke through the gums, they were totally happy babies once again!
Reply:YES, a little bit
Reply:Not usually but I suppose they still could bother a little for a couple days if the tooth isn%26#039;t all the way broken through.
Reply:yes oragel is good

any time
Reply:Yes. Until the teeth are fully through but they will still want to chew on everything (and i mean everything) to test them out
Reply:Yes for about a few weeks, The gums are tender. Would yours hurt for sometime if you had a tooth pulled?:-)
Reply:yes, because the teeth still are pushing through the gums until the reach their full size
Reply:i don%26#039;t think so... it might just take some getting used to
Reply:I think they do because they are like so small little baby and no one likes to see them like have-ing the teeth and of coures the do hurt.
Reply:yes most do but some dont dont be worryed its because the gums r still help that you can give the baby tylenal infants drops ......and give them somthing to chew on to help ease the discomfort.
Reply:They might be a little tender, but my guess is he has another tooth that is in the process of starting to break through that you don%26#039;t know about. My son is 14 months. He has 14 teeth already. Twice he teethed basically teethed 4 at once. Horrible!!! :) Good luck though
Reply:yes, they are sore so i would continue to give him/her a teething ring
Reply:Yes! My mother always rubbed beer on our gums. No no I don%26#039;t mean enough to make us drunk, or anything. But she swears it helped us!

Oh and My paternal grandmother always tied a pice of bacon fat to out wrists. And then we%26#039;d chew on it she says that helps!
Reply:yes. your baby is only 8 months old- she/he should stop teething entirely by the time they are 2 or 2-1/2. get lots of baby oragel, and baby tylenol.
Reply:after the teeth break through,the gums are sometimes swollen, which can be painful and make baby uncomfortable
Reply:of course, keep using ora-jel

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